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Carpet Cleaners That Specializes In Pet Stains

His Days As Puss N’ Boots Are Long Behind Him… 

If you’re worried that we collect your data – you need to get out more. Don’t be a Dale Gribble. 

*Kudos to those who get that TV reference* 

No, we don’t store data nor somehow take personal data without your knowledge… Plus, I think you’re giving our web guy too much credit. The only data we receive is what you put on that form right there and we only get it after you hit that button that sends off your quote request. 

Other than that, we’re a simple mom n’ pop business with a slammin’ website and your next carpet cleaning crew. 

So go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief… unhinge that clenched jaw… go ahead and pat your laptop and relax. Your security is safe here 🙂 

…By the way, your next appointment is coming up in 20 minutes…

Just kidding!

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